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Pippa climbing a ladder to the roof under a neon exit sign
Pippa is a UX/UI designer and cognitive accessibility advocate crafting inclusive and curated products that empower individuals.
She became passionate about UX after seeing her brother suffered a brain injury that impact his ability to use technology designed to help him. She witnessed how his successes emboldened him to take control of his experience and independence. This drove Pippa to examine how design determines interaction for different people and how this subsequently affects personal experiences. As a designer, she aims is to balance aestheticism with research to engender inclusivity and awareness.

Previously, she worked in academia after receiving her M.A. in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago. She has experience designing and conducting research. This awareness of research principles and application bolsters her designs by enhancing her process.

To brighten her days, she runs with her pupper or sits at a cafe and enjoy a good coffee. She regularly rewatches Buffy the Vampire Slayer and frequents  K-Town as a reason to practice her language skills. At the end of the day, she is on the couch eating something delicious she “discovered” at Trader Joe's.


  • Work

  • Product Designer
    UX/UI Designer
    City fo Wind
    UX/UI Designer
    IT Assistant
    Columbia University
    Research Assistant
    University of Chicago
  • Education

  • Designlab
    UX/UI Design
    University of Chicago
    Social Science Research
    Grinnell College
    French & Philosophy
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